1          All Branch RHIB. Dives are to be carried out only with the prior approval of the Diving Officer.††††††††

2          A Solas 5 document will be presented to the Diving Officer prior to the dive taking place.

3          All such dives shall at all times be under the minimum management of a BSAC Advanced Diver.

4          A minimum of three logged inland dives must be completed before any sea diving takes place.

5          Log sheets must be completed for all dives by the designated Dive Manager. Skills completed by Trainees on dives shall be signed 'off ' by a qualified Instructor only.

6          A minimum of four club divers, one of whom shall be an Advanced Diver are required to use club boats.

7          BSAC's recommendation for safe diving will be adhered to without exception.

8          Aqualung use in the pool other than Trainees requires the permission of the Diving or Training Officer.

9          Boats can only be booked out for dive trips with the Diving Officers permission.

10      Weights shall not be worn while travelling in club boats.

11      Members towing club boats will have their fuel cost repaid by those participating in the trip. This is the remaining cost after those travelling with the towing vehicle have contributed the current agreed sum.The amount contributed isdecided and reviewed by the Committee annually

12      A fee is charged when using the club boats, towards maintenance cost, this fee should be reviewed annually by the Committee, It is the dive organiserís responsibility to hand this fee over to the Treasurer asap.

13      The dive organiser will be responsible to ensure all equipment is cleaned after use, and any malfunction or concerns should be reported to the Boat Officer.

14      Dive boats must be returned with full fuel tanks.

15      All towing vehicles MUST have adequate insurance for boat and trailer recovery. The insurance policy can be viewed by any Officer on request.

16      Dive Managers shall keep a record of all costs per trip, and after the relevant expenses have been deducted the cost should be equally divided between the dive party.

17      Only dive sites recognised by the BSAC will be classed as club dives, after the approval of the D.O.

18      No Burntwood Club Dives will be advertised on 'social media sites', all prospective dives will be submitted to the D.O. for approval, then put on the pool side notice board.

19      Any member making derogatory comments on 'social media' concerning the club, or other members will be summarily dismissed from Burntwood Sub-Aqua Club.

20      Diving Officer's of Burntwood Sub-Aqua Club should hold a minimum qualification of Advanced Diver and be a nationally qualified instructor.

21      Members signing on trips are liable for the total cost, unless a qualified replacement is available.††

22      A maximum of four 'Twin Set' diversonly will be allowed per club boat,plus a dedicated cox.