Try Dive

If you have never had a go at Scuba diving before, then you owe yourself the opportunity.  It is an absolutely fascinating, absorbing  and exciting sport.

What do I need?

Starting is much simpler than you probably think:

You don't need to be superfit. 

You don't need to be young. 
You don't have to be a great swimmer. 

All you need is a little curiosity and a desire  to learn a logical and practical set of straight forward skills.  

For your first pool dive,  all you need is:

10p for the phone call,  £10 for the full 1 hr pool trydive fee and just an old tshirt and swimming attire to wear. 


Arrange a Try Dive now -
 STEVE HAMPTON - Tel 07880 785 139


How Will I Learn?

After your first try dive,   if you want to start training,  you can join there and then and get going!  Or,  you can have another try dive if you want more time to decide.

Training consists of 5 practical pool lessons and 5 theory lessons where you will learn techniques to look after your buddy and make your diving much safer.

After the pool and theory training,  these skills are transferred to open water where a further 5 dives are completed,  practicing the skills you learned in the pool.  Then,  if you are ready,  you will become a signed off certified OCEAN DIVER,  certified to 20m



What Happens After I've


The club organises weekly local diving in quarries on Sundays, where we can see wrecks of boats and aircraft and creatures such as pike, perch, eels, sturgeon, carp, roach.   this is also where we practice our skills.

We also regularly visit the coast and sea dive in Devon, Dorset,  Scotland, Farnes,  Whitby,  Anglesey.  We dive from our own RIBS or hardboats.

Also,  expeditions are organised to places such as Truuk Lagoon,  Egypt,  Shetland,  Tenerife, Cyprus, Ireland,  Scilly Isles,  etc.



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