Honourary Members


Burntwood Sub-Aqua Club was formed way back in 1972 and owes it's continued success to it's members passion, enthusiasm and commitment.  Scuba diving is more than a hobby.  It's a mentality.  For keen divers,  sometimes work can just seem like surface interval!


Burntwood Sub Aqua Club is proud to honour the following for their outstanding personal and financial contributions to the club,  over many years.  Some honourary members are no longer diving,  but we know they watch from the wings, with pride in what they have played a huge part in making.


All clubs rely on outstanding efforts from their members,  but the following have contributed extraordinarily and we wish to acknowledge them:


D Bakewell

R Peakman

M Rowley

P Rowley

A Solomonson

J Walter

T Wright

Alan Colclough

Bunny Colclough