So, What Do We Get Up To?

Burntwood Sub Aqua Club are very active in getting out there and going diving.  We are about learning safe skills,  but don't forget this is about new experiences and enjoying ourselves. 

Where do we go?
Where do you want to go?   As you progress through your diving, certain aspects will start to jump out at you.  For example,  some of us prefer wreck diving and enjoy the history and the story.  Others love reef diving and the challenge of naming and identifying the plethora of wonderful creatures we see.  Others love more challenging diving such as technical diving and cave diving.  Some just love to teach.  The underwater world is your oyster...

UK Sea Diving Diving is organised throughout the year around the UK by club members who want to explore new sites.   The pictures shown are of uk wrecks and reefs in Scillies, Cornwall, Devon,  Dorset, Wales, Isle of Man, North West Scotland,  North east coast,  East Scotland,  Orkney.   These trips range from a single day,  to a weekend,  to a week long excursion.  The trips will use our own boats or also hardboats and liveaboard charters,  depending on what we are planning.   We may camp,  use B&B or other accommodation.

As we have 2 fast RIB inflatable boats,  we have alot of freedom as to what we can dive and when.  Also the cost of a 4 dive diving weekend complete with accommodation and diving costs is often under 150 all in.


UK Quarry Diving - We dive Dosthill quarry every week on a Sunday,   bright and early at 7.30am.  These sessions are great for practicing skills,  testing new and recently serviced kit and signing off further training.

We also organise trips to Stoney Cove,  NDAC Chepstow and Capenwray from time to time.  All of these sites have submerged boats, vehicles and aircraft to make the dive interesting and allow us to practice wreck diving skills.

Most quarries costs 10-15 to get in and an air fill is about 3 to 4

Diving Abroad

Diving overseas can be a very relaxing and pleasurable experience.   The skills you learn in the more technically demanding British waters stand you in good stead for this kind of warm water,  good visibility diving.  The history of wrecks and the prolific sealife is a heady mix that will stimulate your senses wonderfully.

Our history shows successful trips to :

Antigua, Bahamas, Barbados, Cayman Islands, Chuuk Islands, Corfu, Cuba, Cyprus, Egypt, Florida, Dominican Republic, France, Fuerteventura, Gozo, Gran Canaria, Guadeloupe, Ireland, Israel, Jamaica, Jordan, Kenya, Martinique, Menorca, Mexico, Monaco, Normandy, Palau, Pemba Island, Portugal, Seilly Isles, Scotland, Sipadan, St Kitts, St Lucia, St Martin, Spain, Tenerife, Thailand, Turkey. chuuk